iQ didn't get to be the Smarter Cleaner by accident. A lot of smart questions were asked, a lot of ingrained habits were challenged, and a lot of assumptions were debunked. The result isn't just a better cleaner, it's an entirely better way to do things.

We questioned why so many green cleaners sacrifice performance for earth-friendliness. So we ensured that iQ has been formulated and third party tested to deliver the cleaning performance you need - just without all the harsh chemicals. We stand behind iQ products with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We questioned whether "poison" and "corrosive" cleaners have any place in a home with living, breathing humans. That's why you won't find any skull and crossbone labels on our bottles. Only a list of completely non-toxic and environmentally sustainable ingredients, like all-natural surfactants and sugar-based acids. After all, what's the point of a clean home if it's full of chemicals and toxins?

We questioned the need to transport million of bottles of household cleaners - when they're mostly filled with water. That's an awful lot of truck exhaust and oil. Switching to our tiny, patented 3.5 inch iQ REFill® cartridges means 80% less waste, fewer trucks on the road and a much smaller carbon footprint.

We questioned why making the right decision always has to cost more. As you might have guessed, iQ requires far less plastic material and transports much more efficiently. Those savings (25%+ compared to the cost of conventional cleaning products) are passed on to you. So you'll never have to choose between doing the right thing and getting good value.

smarter for your home smarter for your planet smarter for your wallet